What is ASPIRE Active?

At Shoreditch Park Primary School we are dedicated to ensuring each child achieves the best possible outcomes; academically, socially, emotionally and physically. ASPIRE ACTIVE is our initiative strive for our children to be physically fit and healthy.

Why do we do ASPIRE Active?

One third of children in year 6 leaving primary school were recognised as obese last year (change for life).

A child’s physical health, and in particular physical fitness, is associated with improved confidence, increased attention, reduction in health problems, improved social engagement, reduction in obesity, increased organization, and a host of potentially protective factors for students at risk for poor school outcomes (Sallis, 2010).

We are dedicated to ensuring our children progress within their physical fitness in primary school.

What does this look like in KS2?

As part of this initiative our Year 5 children have been completing circuits once a week! We have been focussing on showing progress over time. Since starting this programme we have seen an increase in fitness judged by children’s endurance. We have also seen an increase in focus within afternoon lessons. This has been judged by behavioural incidents and learning outcomes.  In the Spring Term, Year 3 and 4 will also be completing ASPIRE active once per week.

What does this look like in FS and KS1?

All FS and KS1 classes have access to ‘5 a day’. This is 5 minutes of fun exercise routines which includes a warm up and cool down! With this fun programme children can complete lots of different routines that increase heart rate and physical fitness.

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