ASPIRE Week 2017

13th - 17th March 2017

KS1 and KS2

Shoreditch Park Primary School are writing our first ASPIRE book!

ASPIRE is embedded throughout the school. Although we have our core texts we are looking to develop a range of ASPIRE books to be used in lessons. This will be our first one!

This will be a poetry book that summarises all of the ASPIRE characters. The inspiration for this book was ‘Unstoppable me.’ By Dr Wayne W.Dyer.


Each class will write a poem about one ASPIRE character, with the help of Year 6 we will collate and edit these poems.

Leasing with our graphic designer for ASPIRE we will illustrate these poems and publish it online!

This will happen in Power of Reading lessons.

To develop a big ASPIRE buzz around the school we have decided to make some changes to our normal timetable to make it our very first ASPIRE WEEK!

Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage are creating Shoreditch Park Primary School’s first ASPIRE song book! We are going to create nursery rhymes linked to ASPIRE!

FS team are choosing three well known nursery rhymes and adapting the lines to link to ethos of ASPIRE to sing our children into success!