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"We love English at school because our teachers plan lessons for us that are fun and engaging – I really like looking back through my books to see the progress I have made!"

Power of Reading

“Reading for pleasure, achievement for life”

Throughout Key Stage 1 and 2 we teach literacy through the Power of Reading programme.

The Power of Reading approach has raised achievement in over 2500 schools across England and internationally. Here at Shoreditch Park we have seen The Power of Reading transform the way the teachers teach and the way children feel about reading and writing. Children engage with high quality picture books, novels, poetry and non-fiction through a wide range of teaching approaches. Children are immersed into the text through music, art, drama, discussion and role-play. Other approaches include responding to illustrations, ‘Book Talk’, storymapping and book making. Children take ownership of the text and engage with it deeply.

The carefully chosen texts are all part of Centre for Literacy in Primary Education’s (CLPE) Core Book List. This resource can be signed up to on the Core Books website.






Learning How to Construct a Discussion Text

During this lesson we learnt how to construct a discussion text.

Our teacher cut up a discussion text about whether or not pupils should be required to wear school uniform and placed them around the hall. Our task was to find the different sections from the discussion text and place them under the corresponding category at our base. We then had to create a conclusion paragraph on a whiteboard stating our final judgement on the matter.

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