The Princess and the White Bear King

Persuasive Writing

By Preciosa, Jeffers Class

Choose me to be the Grand Princess!

To begin, I am writing because I am going to be a fantastic princess. My name is Preciosa and I am going to be a good princess because I am respectful, helpful and funny.

You should choose me because I would share, helping old people cross the road and when some children fall over and hurt themselves I will help them get up. Also, when I have a big box of chocolates I will share.

As you can see, I am going to be the best princess, in fact I will be an AMAZING princess!

Diary Entry

By Oscar, Jeffers Class

Dear Diary,

Today I went to the North Pole. I saw a large snow tree with no green leaves. Then I met an evil princess. The polar bear took her crown and the princess had yellow eyes and was so mad.

It looked extra snowy. It was not warm. The princess screamed at me. I pushed her in the freezing snow. I felt full of anger.

From Polar Bear.

Persuasive Writing

By Alexander, Hoffman Class

Dare to be king!

Can you risk not picking me?

I am trustworthy, responsible and loyal.

I am sure that you should pick me because I will provide you with fine TVs and silver keyboards with a bronze switch. I will also provide scrumptious food and fruit.

As you can see I will give the most healthy environment in the land.

Diary Entry

By Chelsie, Hoffman Class

Dear Diary,

Today I went to a winter wonderland. My crown teleported me to a winter wonderland!

I felt puzzled because the crown was glowing in a yellow bright colour and I felt so, so frightened because there was a ginormous polar bear towering right in front of me!

All of a sudden the bear got my crown. I ran after the bear but he was so fast. I couldn’t keep up! My heart was pounding because I could not get my crown and I would be grounded for life! Then I found the bear in a deep dark cave. I kept on stumbling because of the deep, soft snow. After a while I finally got the crown from a big rock from the cave while the polar bear was sleeping. I thought I should have given the bear the crown from the first please so I went back to the forest and found the bear. The bear should feel sorry for himself.