At Shoreditch Park Primary, we provide an inclusive curriculum that supports and challenges every child whatever their starting point in Science. Our approach enables children to become more independent and autonomous, systematic, precise and evaluative, and to increasingly use their scientific knowledge.

We offer a thorough coverage of every unit of work within the National Curriculum, at both key stage 1 and 2, with a focus on enquiry, varied investigation, questioning and subsequent explanation of scientific phenomena through ration discussion. The science curriculum had carefully been crafted to ensure that all children make outstanding progress through rigorous, inspirational teaching and learning.

Science lessons begin with an explore activity which enables teachers to:

  • Conduct formative assessment: teachers and children can quickly access retention and prior knowledge.
  • Promote rapid progression within lessons: it serves as a guidance as to which differentiated task the children should attempt: meaningful teaching and learning.


Science Handbook

Writing and Science

At Shoreditch Park, children write scientific reports before, during and after experiments/investigations. The main purpose of scientific report writing is to communicate the results of the experiments. The process of writing a scientific report also gives our children the valuable practice in articulating the theoretical and empirical bases of a particular experiment, what they did, and what they interpret the results to mean.

Maths and Science

Science provides an ideal opportunity to enable children to apply and understand mathematical ideas, particularly data handling.

Science Highlights 2020-2021

Older Science Highlights