At Shoreditch Park Primary School we believe that learning a Modern Foreign Language contributes to children’s learning and development by increasing critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of mind in young children. Pupils at Shoreditch Park start learning Spanish in EYFS and continue developing their language skills and cultural understanding all the way through Key Stage 1 and 2.

We have adapted the Hackney Learning Trust curriculum framework to provide an outline of core knowledge and meet the needs of our children. Class teachers use this structure to develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupils’ understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum. As this is the first year MFL is being taught throughout the whole school, this is very much an accumulative curriculum which will adapt and evolve to meet the needs and abilities of our learners.

We have a strong emphasis on oracy, speaking and using language in meaningful contexts - listening, reading and writing with cultural contexts. Spanish learning starts in nursery and is taught informally through the use of songs, games and role-play. Year 2 teach Spanish weekly for half an hour with a mix of written and oral tasks, and every other class teach in hourly slots once a week across KS2 - lessons include games, grammar, vocabulary and songs. Each year group from Year 3 to Year 6 have a list of 20 objectives that revise and build upon prior learning as well as prepare children for the next year's learning outcomes, skills and grammar structures.

In Spanish lessons all children are encouraged to participate actively and perform with their peers, which develops self-confidence and encourages positive attitudes. Authentic resources such as videos, books and songs are used to provide all children with secure bridges into the real world of authentic, native-like use of Spanish.

The whole school embraces Hispanic week once a year in September, with a number of cross- curricular enrichment opportunities such as cooking traditional Hispanic dishes in food technology, engaging with Mariachi and Flamenco performances (music and dance), and studying art works of Spanish painters such as Picasso and Wilfredo Lam.

Languages are becoming increasingly important today, especially living within such a multicultural city as London. At SPPS we believe that learning Spanish and expanding children’s cultural understanding can break down barriers and enhance our prospects, opening doors and helping our pupils in later careers.

In this report you can find out the reasons why Shoreditch Park Primary School was awarded Bronze for the Shoreditch Park Premio Espanol Primaria.