A Conversation With John Bercow MP

On Monday we spoke to John Bercow MP who is the Speaker of the House of Commons. He spoke to us with Skype from the House of Commons where he chairs the debates and makes sure the Prime Minister answers MP’s questions.

He told us lots about his job and how he got to be where he is. He was also interested to hear about our Oracy lessons and gave us some tips on chairing discussions. He told us to remember who wants to speak in a debate, keep an eye on the clock and to make sure you’re fair to both sides.

He also told us about how he was inspired to become an MP and then speaker by his local MP (Margaret Thatcher) when he was young.

Most importantly, he told us that his favourite board game is chess his favourite super hero is superman and if he could be speaker he would be a tennis player or a writer.

Jebril Kamara, Morpurgo class


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