ASPIRE - Autumn 2 - Inclusivity and Self Awareness

In Autumn 2 our focus was Inclusive Izeyah and Self Aware Samuel.

In KS2 we were focusing on resilience. The children know that resilience is a skill that can be developed to help us cope with challenging times or circumstances. We have all shown resilience in our community and school during the pandemic, and we are constantly striving to be resilient in our learning. Classes created resilience trees to explore this further - they include who we are, our goals, some challenges we face and the people who can support us. KS2 children then created personal goals on resilience ladders.

KS1 were learning about emotional regulation through Zones of Regulation. The children have been identifying their emotions, tracking them throughout the day, and learning strategies to bring them back to the Blue Zone.  

This half term was also Anti-Bullying Week. The theme was United Against Bullying. The children learned about group behaviour in bullying and how we can unite against bullying in our school. 


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