Hispanic Day

¡Aquí hablamos español!

Whitmore was in full Spanish swing on Friday 11th December as we celebrated our first Hispanic Day. From the garden to the dining hall and all the classes in between, children, teachers and kitchen staff were al estilo Español practising their language skills, singing and dancing to Spanish songs, trying new foods and welcoming Spanish speaking visitors.

El Señor Hernández from the Spanish Embassy shared his songs, guitar and box of magic tricks amazing children from Nursery to Year 6. "This is a dream!" Shernade (Year 4) said as they joined in with the tricks and later some asked for his autograph! 

Year 1 and 2 were on their feet learning energetic songs, tongue twisters and sampling turrón with la Señorita Laka  and el Señor Ramos. "We want to do Spanish every week" they said. "My favourite was the jelly turrón and the Chu chu ua dance" Leo told me.  

In Reception and Nursery, when they weren't grinding coffee beans or writing in Spanish, the classes were learning new songs and greetings in Spanish with Pepe, la Señorita Carla, and la Señorita López from Colombia. The children made flags and provided ground coffee for the staff room to sample! "It smells like chocolate"  Aisha told me as she smelled the roasted coffee beans kindly donated by Notes Beans. 

The fantastic food prepared by our own chefs was another highlight for many children. It had children talking about their "comida favorita" all afternoon. The children also asked questions to our visitors about the songs and magic. Thank you kitchen team!  Enchildas, tortilla, bizcocho...everyone found something to talk about!

A big thank you to everyone who made our day so fun and special. Muchas gracias a todos! Keep practising your Spanish.