Home Learning

In the event of school closure home learning at Shoreditch Park takes place on the Google Classroom platform for all children.

Our belief is that during any period of school closure, all children should have access to a broad and balanced curriculum that builds upon prior knowledge and understanding. Our Google Classrooms will offer all children at Shoreditch Park the opportunity to interact with their teachers and friends whilst learning a varied and purposeful curriculum.

Each child (Reception – Year 6) has an individual Google Classroom account created by the school and shared in advance of any closure. In their Google Classroom, each child is linked to their teachers/group leaders to follow the same curriculum as in school.

Teaching Day

Please see example timetables at the bottom of this page to see how our day looks for each year group.


Learning starts in the EYFS and KS1 at 9:30am with a live online registration with their class teacher. At this time, the day’s lessons and tasks will also be outlined. Learning will start with Read Write Inc Phonics - carefully planned for each child - followed by maths and story time. In the afternoon a range of subjects will be taught and there will be a daily circle time for all children to join at 2pm before the school day ends at 3pm. Learning will take place in a number of ways, from pre-recorded audio lessons from teachers daily for each core subject to live lessons and tutoring.


Learning starts in Key Stage 2 at 9am with live online registration for all children. This will then be followed by a daily reading lesson and live English lessons to give all children the chance to interact with their peers and teachers whilst learning. Maths will be delivered through either live lessons or pre-recorded videos by the teacher daily. Afternoon lessons will be a mixture of live lessons and pre-recorded curriculum before the KS2 daily circle time at 2:30pm. The school day for KS2 children will finish at 3:30pm.

Live interaction - Assemblies, circle time and registration

Live video links will be shared on Google Classroom and through emails to parents. Please do contact teachers to year group email (see below) if you have any problems accessing.

Reception and Key Stage 1 – 9:30am daily registration live video / 2pm circle time.

Key Stage 2 – 9am registration / 2:30pm circle time.

Weekly assemblies will take place across key phases on Friday’s led by a member of the senior leadership team.

Teachers and pupil contact

Whilst providing remote learning, teachers will be available on Google Classroom between 845 -330, the same as a normal day) with a lunch break set and shared with pupils daily. Timetables will be shared with pupils each morning to outline tasks, meetings where applicable and which lessons will take place.

Each day, teachers and support staff in school will be tutoring children, working on live lessons with pupils, or marking and responding to work as pupils complete it. Pupils’ work will be responded to by their teacher as it is received.

Home/School communication

Despite the daily sessions at least twice a day, sometimes we know that you will need to contact the class teacher for your child. Each year group has an email address linked to the teachers:









Teaching staff will periodically check emails between 9-5 daily to respond to any parental concerns or problems will attendance within the classroom.

Example Timetables

For more information on our home learning, please see our Remote Learning Policy.

Google Classroom

To see all of our fantastic work whilst home learning, please see our Highlights or Twitter account.

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