Governors Committees

The full Governing Body meets termly to discuss developments and receive feedback from the various Committees that are established to look at specific aspects of school life in more depth.

At present the Governing Body has the following committees:

Finance and Resources Committee - is responsible for monitoring the school finances and budget, ensuring the school is financially accountable and overseeing the maintenance and development of the school buildings and grounds in addition to all personnel matters.

The Outcomes Committee - looks at the curriculum and standards in the school.

Governing Body - also has a Discipline Panel, a Complaint and Grievances Committee and an Appeals Panel that meet as required to hear cases relating to discipline within the school, complaints, or appeals from parents. Members of a panel are usually selected depending on the circumstance.

Link Governors

As part of governor duties, each governor also has an area of school that they support as Link Governors. This includes leadership and management, safeguarding, teaching and learning, Outcomes for children, Pupil premium and EYFS. This means that governors are often found visiting the school, joining in with assemblies, meeting with staff or speaking with children in class, as well as collecting feedback at Parents' Evenings.