Inclusion Team

The Inclusion Team holds regular pupil welfare meetings to review the support that is in place for pupils with SEND and other vulnerable groups. These meetings help to ensure that any issues which pupils might be facing are quickly addressed. Actions from pupil welfare meetings might include: referrals to external services, in-class observations and support or pupils being offered a specific intervention based on their presenting needs.

Inclusion Team

Claire Deegan

Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion

Claire has over 14 years of experience in education and has taught in schools across London. She has worked for specialist services supporting pupils with SEND and their families. Claire holds the NASENCO award and holds the Senior Mental Health Lead award.

Joanne Byrne

KS2 SENCo and Teaching and Learning Mentor

Joanne has extensive experience working with pupils with SEND. She has had a number of roles at Shoreditch Park and is now the ARP Manager. Joanne holds the NASENCO award and is part of the school's Senior Management Team.

Claire Keady

Inclusion Manager / Attendance Lead

Claire has over 19 years’ experience working in Hackney Primary schools. She spent 9 years working as a Learning Mentor and Senior Learning Mentor supporting vulnerable children and their families. She is currently our Pastoral and Child protection manager, responsible for all our...

Deborah Ashley

EYFS/ KS1 SENCo and Acting EYFS Lead

Deborah Ashley has worked in education for 16 years and has held a number of roles, including SENCo, Wellbeing and Mental Health Lead and reading lead. She holds the NASENCO qualification and has recently completed the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership. 

Rochelle Howard

ARP Manager

Rochelle Howard is our school's ARP manager. She has extensive experience working in London schools and supporting pupils with SEND. Rochelle is part of the school's Senior Management Team.

Inclusion Support

Dr. Zoe Tweedale

Zoe is our WAMHS worker. She works for First Steps, which is a CAMHS service. Zoe works in Shoreditch Park for one full day each fortnight. Zoe offers consultations to staff to support them to think about how they can support pupils with presenting mental health needs. She also offers support to...

Natasha Mattos

Natasha is our school counsellor. Natasha offers a confidential space for children to come and explore their thoughts and feelings about worries they might have. Pupils who need support are identified during pupil welfare meetings.

Chris Jacobs

Chris has extensive experience of delivering interventions for pupils with a range of SEND needs. She is currently exclusively supporting pupils with SEND and working closely with the Speech and Language Therapy Team to ensure that outcomes are rigorously reviewed.

Modupe Adams

Modupe is an experienced Learning Mentor. She works as part of the pastoral team, tracking attendance, and delivers SaLT interventions to KS2 pupils.