Reception's Numeracy Activities

In numeracy the children have enjoyed using the construction area and have been building rockets, houses and castles. They have also been doing an excellent job with addition and subtraction. Last week we looked at doubling and learnt that doubling is when you add the same amount or number together. When working on subtraction we have been learning to read the number sentences to ensure we know what the subtraction number sentence is asking us to do. An example of this is when we read 10-5=? We know that we need to get a group of ten objects, then we need to take away five and count how many are left over. We’ve been working really hard to make sure we don’t get our + and – signs mixed up! We know that + means we need to get more and – means we need to take away, so the amount we have gets smaller.

Now that we have some warmer weather the children have absolutely loved exploring in the water tray. We’ve been looking at capacity and how many smaller containers it takes to fill a larger one.