Year 1 - Art in Autumn 2016

In Autumn 1 the children were learning all about sketching. They discovered famous sketch artists and compared different styles of sketching. We then focused on mark making with a variety of tools including pencil, pastels and charcoal. A variety of sketching techniques were used such as cross hatching, stippling and shading. Finally the children used these new skills to create still life sketches. They began to learn to discuss their art and explain what they liked about the work of others.

In Autumn 2 the children explored painting. We began by exploring primary and secondary colours. We used the primary colours to investigate what other colours could be created. The children used the secondary colours they had mixed to create firework paintings. We learned about painters such as Van Gogh and Picasso. The children further developed their skills of discussing what they liked about the work of others, and what they know about colour mixing.