Year 2 - Museum of Transport

This week Year 2 went on an exciting trip to the Museum of Transport in Covent Garden. We got the 76 bus all the way there; it was a cold day so we were very wrapped up! When we arrived we had a chance to look around the museum and complete a transport hunt! We had to follow a trail and get stamps on a card to show we had looked at and learnt about the different types of transport. After this we did a fantastic workshop called 'Build a Bus' in which we learnt about the development of buses throughout time. We got to look at items from buses from the past and then create our own buses - we had some amazing ideas! After this we had lunch then got some more time to explore the museum. We had a fantastic day and this has helped us with our topic all about Transport a great deal!

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Bukola - Thanks Miss Ketchell and it was fun

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