Year 2 - Pizza Express

On Wednesday, Year 2 enjoyed a trip to Pizza Express on Curtain Road. We left school promptly at 9am and made our way to the bus stop to catch the 271. When we arrived, we met a chef and a waitress who told us about their jobs. We then got first hand experiment rolling the dough. The chef showed us a few of his tricks and we were pretty impressed! Finally, we got to make our own pizzas. He showed us how to place the cheese on the pizza to get the best results, although, some of us preferred just to cover our entire pizza in cheese. Needless to say, they tasted delicious!


Waitress - We hope you guys had fun!

Rauf - Year 4 went there. I never got to go due to dislike of pizza.

pizza express employee - Thanks for you guys coming it was really fun you visiting us come and visit us again

Brooke y4 - That would of been fun. Do you have any pictures of loam please?

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