Year 3 - European Day of Languages

Year 3 pupils celebrated European Day of Languages by successfully finding several European countries where different languages are spoken.


Molly - Thanks Miss Sanchez

mollly - Thank you Miss Sanchess you are a great, teacher we all love you!

Señorita Sánchez - Muchas gracias por los comentarios. Vosotros sois unos estudiantes fantásticos.

leonardo - Thank you so much for Spanish Ms Sanches, thank you

Eren Tasin - The lesson was exiting! Thank you Miss Sanchez!!

Chelsie - We enjoyed the learning from you Ms Sanchez! I know we will enjoy a lot more from you. We love you Ms Sanchez!

Nicole - I like your Spanish lessons. Thank you!

Ibrahim - It was a very fun lesson! Thank you Ms Sanchez !!!

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