Year 3 - Visit Hackney Musuem

Pupils have been studying  about their local  area in Topic. To support their  learning, pupils visited a  workshop about suit case diaries in the Hackney Museum.  Pupils discovered how Hackney has changed through the stories and suitcases of people who travelled to Hackney from all over the world and throughout history. Pupils had the opportunity to explore objects, materials  and music to learn more about Hackney. 


Please find a few quotes below: 


Grace,  "The Anglo- Saxons were the first people to arrive in Hackney from Denmark and Germany. "


Sianna, " Hackney is diverse because people from many different countries came to live in  Hackney in the past."


Alima, " Many people came to live in Hackney because they had wars and problems in their own countries."


Yagmur, " I  loved wearing  different clothes from the past as it made me think about what it might have been like to live in the past."


Mariam, " I really enjoyed listening to different music as it made me think about how people in the past felt when they were listening to music." 



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