Refugee Week 2018: Year 4 Cake Decorating

To kick off Refugee Week, Year 4 have been challenged with cake decorating as one of the '20 simple act's. Have a look at our decorative skills.

If there’s one thing with the power to unite the world, it’s probably cake.

You might have have a recipe for something sweet and delicious taught to you by a parent, grandparent or friend. If you don’t, we bet you know someone who does.

So, take a few hours out this Refugee Week to share a sugary moment. Maybe you’ll end up sharing a story, memory or a joke while you’re at it. Or you might simply learn a recipe from another time or part of the world, to enjoy and one day, pass onto someone else.


Abby - It was so fun

Jacqueline - Yes it was nice

michelle - Was it nice?

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