Year 4 - Tetractys Poems

Year 4 have had an extremely busy and exciting first week back.

One of our superstars Naima was chosen to appear on television show 'Good Morning Britain' to give her opinion on the prospect of summer schools taking place. She was able to showcase her superior oracy skills to a national audience and articulate her viewpoint clearly. We were all very proud of her!

In Maths our focus was on statistics. The children spent the week reading and interpreting data on a range of different bar charts, pictograms and line graphs. At the end of the week the children were given the task of collecting their own data and compiling the results in a chart of their own choice.

In PoR we started the excellent book Varjak Paw. The children were grappling with the notion of Varjak Paw leaving the safety of the house and stepping out into the wide world. The first member of his family in a generation to do so!


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