Year 5 - ASPIRE Assembly

In our Aspire assembly, every member of the year group recited their own poem in front of parents / carers.


Jem From year 5 tan class - Well done everyone

Shelly - That was amazing guys absolutely loved it..
Well done to all of you so brave xxx

Zuhaira - This was scary but we all done well

Rengin - Lol we’re so quite

Kezban - i am really happy that its over :D

Kezban - good job everyone!

Kezban - good job everyone! i was really scared too

jeshaiah - it was fun and a bit agree nicole a

Nicole A - I was so nervous at the assembly but I wasn't that nervous when I read out my poem and sang 'Unwritten'

Shelly - Well done guys was such an amazing assembly

Molly - Thanks !!!! We worked so hard on it

Shadha - Well done to everyone

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