Year 6 2017 Saying Goodbye


Azra - Hey i actually miss this school sm

Azra - Y is everyone dabbing omd also hey im in yr 8 rn

Alexandra B - It’s been two years shoreditch! I miss you all! Hope you all the best in the future.

Paul - I love this school! Who's here in 2018

Heze - Big up to Shoerditch Park

Mina - I will miss u all!

Jubreel - I will miss you Shoreditch, you make history in my heart.

Mohammad.M - I Was sick so you couldn't hear me and by the way, I WILL MISS THIS SCHOOL

Talia - It has been a great school. I will miss this school.

Callie - I go to miss Shoreditch Park Primary School so much.

Mel T - Most people were dabbng

David - I'm going to miss Shoreditch Park dearly, you've all been so kind to us goodbye Shoreditch Park.

paul - I will miss the school YOU'RE THE BEST!

Pinar - I had wonderful memories at Shoreditch Park Primary School.

Seth - I was just dabbing

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