Year 6 - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Year 6 gave a spectacular performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.


Antonio - I was in the class of 2016, pop up if you wanna chat

Abdullah D - I came back just for the memories, I will never forget my costume wearing a pink dress! 2018
I do miss my school a lot.

Deniz I - I really enjoyed doing The Midsummer Night Dream

Anna - So much better than SATs

anna - So much fun. Wow!!!!

anna - Everyone was so good in our performance!

ANNA - It was so fun!

evan - Cool

CLAUDE - OMG Whitmore primary school thank you for everything I really appreciate it and to my WONDERFUL teacher MR.WILLIAMS you are the best again thank you soon much XXXXXXXX!!

anna - I love it!

Anna&lisa - I will miss you all 😏😔😕😒😫☹️😣

anna - Dillon was funny and he made me laugh.

Noah - Going to miss all of you guys. Teachers thanks for supporting me when I used to so angry in year 2. Becoming older I really appreciate it, thank you. Whitmore you're the best school I've ever been to. Love you guys 😢😪😪😦😔😀😀😅

Anna - This is the best thing ever 😎

Miss Smith - Well done Year 6! An incredible performance and feeling very proud of you all.

Meric - This is the best thing ever!

Irmak - This was the best experience of my life. Thank you Year 6 team for helping us prepare for this.

Mr Williams - I am very proud of my class

Anna - Amazing

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