Year 6 - Coding Using HTML and CSS

Year 6 have this week started projects using coding languages of HTML and CSS to start to understand how we code to create websites. Using the coding site trinket, we learnt how to create basic pages using headers, new paragraphs, underlining, italics and bold writing. Can any Year 6s share code for writing a header with words written in bold and italics? Keep following to see more about our projects!


bo - I'm doing a coding lesson now

I'm a student Haha woooooooohiioo - Hey Miss Smith our school is kinda really good

nehir - Wow

Nicole A - I loved the coding lesson and the password Mr. Cunnely made!

Chelsea - Really cool

Kelsie (old member of spps) - Looks fun and hard but the good thing is you tried your hardest and never give up.

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