Year 6 Graduation 2016

Watch as Year 6 receive their graduation certificates and remember their time at Whitmore.


Jami - So many familiar faces! I regret not being in this, almost 4 years later-2019

bonnie - I have a hard time believing that in a year this going to be 4 years since this happened. I always come back to see everyone again.

Fareed - I remember how we had lots of fun in year 6. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

freddie - That was fun everyone and hope secondary is calm

anna - That was so much fun guys.

Tam - Well done old year 6 I hope you won't forget us 😍😘

baptista - It was so fun

Mona - Now seeing this, I wanna start year 6 all over again!! 😭😭

Miss all of you and all of the banter and fun we all had together, hope everyone is having an awesome time in secondary!


Deniz I - I\'m visiting on the 23rd of September 2016 . So excited

Anna&lisa - Gonna miss you everyone.

Anna - Thank you so much for your help in our SATs test Miss smith. Thank you very much everyone. 😃😭😭😭

Noah - The best school. I'm going to miss you guys I will never forgot you best friends and teachers. Thanks for helping us on our SATs. Bye!

Anna - Love it so much!!!!!!😎💋😀😄

Fawaz - This was amazing, I will never forget this!

anna - I liked the buffet, thank you Whitmore. Thank you for all the teachers helping us, thank you Miss Lyon.

Baptista - Amazing

Anna - You're right Deniz it fun and the picture was funny.

Morgan - Thanks for being the best techers in the world we will miss you

Hasan K - I hope you have a great time in year 7, GOOD LUCK!

Mrs Firat - Good luck to all of you to new chapter of your life.

Anna - I love it so much and it's so fun!!!!!!😃😀

Miss Smith - I agree, Deniz! Brilliant graduation and what a lovely way to celebrate all your wonderful achievements!

Deniz i - I had so much fun !😀

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