Year 6 Graduation 2017


Mehmet - Best day ever ?

Alexandra - I miss you guys so much. Who's here in 2018?

Ola - It was amazing

Pinar - I'll miss you Shoreditch Park

tamaray - I'll miss u guys so MUCH!
I promise I will visit

Mona - Well done year six especially David and Hezekiah my friends son and my son

Jubreel - I was late, but I still enjoyed taking part of this lovely place!

paul - Guys you're the best no matter what and I might be sad right now about leaving but there's always hope. Love you guys.

Callie - It was fun

Archie - I'll miss Shoreditch Park Primary School, been here since nursery, goodbye.

Nathan - That looks good Leila

Habiba - It was fun

anna - Good luck with the secondary school that you're going to.

David - Gonna miss Shoreditch so much. Been there since Reception, this is my home!!!

Mina - It was so great

Seth - Best day ever

Nasifah and lyla - I enjoyed it. Keep up with the good performance!

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