Year 6 - Hollywood Bowl

Year 6 today celebrated the end of year with a trip to Hollywood Bowl, Surrey Quays. We had an amazing time - one of the children even managed to get three strikes! Our final trip tomorrow to kayaking will be our last together as a year group.


Angel .o - - I hope you have a good time in secondary school I hope you guys had fun in Hollywood bowl

No name - Good luck in the futre

Angel - We will miss you at secondary, good luck

Bukola - I hope you have a great time at secondary
Good luck

Fluffy 123 - Well done year six you have grown up really well with nursury, reception, y1,y2, y3,y4,y5 and year six I hope you had such a really good experience.I also hope you have so much fun at Hollywood bowl well done to the person who got three was really good.I also wanted to say is that well done with your SATs and I hope you have such a good went to school journey. I hope you have such good time at shoreditch park primary school the secondary. The secondary bridge academyPetchey Academy and all the schools you can think of.

Malak - Sounds fun! Good luck in bridge academy!

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