Year 6 - Ice Skating at Somerset House

Year 6 today went ice skating at a very festive Somerset house. Most of us, including teachers, were learning for the first time and - despite a few falls - we had an excellent time learning to skate.


yasmina - Sooooo fun but I got hurt a lot

Jacqueline - This was super fun, going ice skating and learning how to ice skate which was amazing! And thanks to my bff Kezban who taught me to ice skate!!

Cj the dj in pjs - That looks so much fun

ANGEL.O - You guys are lucky. Hope you had fun! So annoying that I didn't go yet.

Alex - That was so fun so I might go to Alexandra Palace to do it!❄

Michelle - I love that trip

amira - Wow that looks so fun I cant wait until I'm in year 6 that looks so fun

Molly - I really wanted to do it inside because the ice was to slippy and I think if we were inside it would be more easier!!!!

Lisa (mollys mum) - The teachers and children were amazing, the kids just went for it alongside the parents as well? It’s was a great day had by all. THANK YOU to the teachers and sumerset house for an amazing day stay blessed?

molly - It was very fun! I didn't fall once but I was slipping nearly!!

Jacqueline - It was super fun going iceskating (when we were getting ready to go me, Maram and more thought oh it's going to be so easy but it wasn't when we got there ) but it was really fun and now learned how to iceskate really good so yeah.

Tanya - I miss that time

Anonymous - Wow... I'm on the first picture... Just wow.

Kelsie (old member) - Looks like you people had good fun I wonder who was the best at skating. I wonder who fell.
(I fell once) but I didn’t cry anyways that day I went to Lea Valley Ice Centre.?????????? and all of you are lucky that you got to do it outside because I had to do it inside (boring)????

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