Year 6 - Propaganda

As part of the Year 6 assembly for Autumn 1 the children decided to make their own propaganda film based on the Dig for Victory campaign. The children researched different propaganda films of the time then constructed a list of scenes to film. They wrote a script for the voice over and hired a Veteran from the original films of WW2 to deliver it! They also decided that the beautiful garden, full of veg would make the perfect setting. The film display's the exciting learning opportunities the children are undertaking as part of their topic, while incorporating their outdoor learning environment.


Callie - I am so happy I am on website

Gloria olu - This is amazing guys well done

Callie - Loved it

Callie - So funny. Thank you Mr Scutt

Seth - The video was really funny 😆😃😂

Alexandra - Really funny video, I enjoy watching it.

Azra 😍😍 - I\'m obsessed with this 😎😍☺️😋

Seder Cokgezici - This video was so fun to film

Tamaray - Lol this was so funny thanks Mr Scott for letting us make this propaganda

laila - So funny! Thank you Mr Scutt!

ArchieBoy - Massive shoutout to Mr Scutt and Mrs Smith for allowing us to do it and big thanks to Calvin our School gardener for letting us use the school garden in the Ks2.

Reanna cenesse asigo-russell - Funniest video ever, you guys did so well with the video.

Jubreel - Best video so far

Zeena - That was soooo funny 😂😂😂😂

Zeena - I can watch this over and over

Damian - It was the best propaganda film.

Ismail Demir - Loved it!

Anthony Sam - Great

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