Year 6 Residential 2017/18 - Kench Hill - Day 2

On Tuesday Year 6 have started the day by feeding the chickens who live at Kench Hill. Today we have a busy day full of activities which ends in a campfire and evening meal. We have been lucky with the weather, quite chilly but clear skies. Keep checking back for more images!

After a great breakfast and some free time to explore our home for the next few days we are settling into the days activities! 


Gloria - This was the best time of my life

Lucas - Making the tent was so fun!

sayf - That was the best trip I have ever been to. Wish I could relive those moments.

tamaray - AAAAH I remember all this :>

mohamed - Have a great time

khairat - Miss you

Mina - Ola good advice remember what happened when we went! I never knew there was a beach in kench hill!!! Hope you had a good time xx

Treasure - Best trip ever and all the games and activities were amazing and some of the food wasn't that nice (the butternut squash!) but the rest was outstanding

Eva - This trip was so amazing it was BRILLANT!!! Hope we go again in the summer!!! Loved all my room mates (Funny times)!!!

Parwin's mun - You guys look like you having fun love you parwin can't wait to see you got your postcard
love you xxx

Sophiat - I loved kench hill first i didn't want to go but now I want to go back:) :)

ola :) - how come u guys went so early? but I hope u have a great time in kench hill. tip: always listen to the teacher and behave or it wont take you anywhere in life so listen to the teachers. have a great time in year six. don't worry I will come and visit the school shortly:)

Cinar - This trip was amazing

Idal - Kench hill was so amazing and fun

William Y5 - Hope you had a good time

Amanda seery - Looks like you all had a good trip. Glad shannon enjoyed herself

Nejla hasan neoz mum - I hope you all had an amazing time!! Hasan I got your postcard today miss you too so much love you.

Ibrahim - I hope everyone is having a great time at kench hill!

Hulya aygun idal's mum - Enjoy you last night year 6. hope you all had a great time, See you tomorrow idal xx

Guluzar bozdag Arda mum - Hope your all having lots of fun ! Arda I hope your well and enjoying yourself. Miss you loads and love you xx

Guluzar bozdag - Have fun all!! Arda I hope your well and enjoying yourself. Love and miss you xx love Mum

Donna Boulgouiz (Sayf's Mum) - Looks like you are all having a fun time. Year 6 have a great last evening there!. Sayf, we got your lovely postcard today. Miss you lots and cant wait to see you tomorrow :-)

Aleksandra Julia mum - Have fun everyone !!!

Tracey Freeman, eva mum - Got you postcard today , see you tomorrow eva. Enjoy your last full day love mum x

Feyza kose (hasan kose's sister) - Have an amazing time year 6 I'm sure you will all miss kench hill when you're back.

Sevgi ganidagli cinar mums - have fun everyone cinar i miss you love you my son

Chelsie - So cool!

Ms Smith - Have an amazing time Year 6 :)

Tracey Freeman, Eva mum - Have fun everyone, good too see the photos look forward too seeing lots more in the coming days.

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