Year 6 Residential 2017 - Kench Hill - Day 1

Year 6 today travelled to Kench Hill to start their residential trip in the countryside. Keep checking for photo updates and information about our activities!


Mina - This was so fun I will miss u guys so much

Mr Cunnelly - Tamaray the walk was beautiful!

tamaray - This was so fun, apart from the time when we did the 4 hour walk!

Ismail - Best trip ever!

Zeena\'s mum - Zeena looking happy & excited!

Laila\'s mum - Missing you my princess.....have a great time in Kench hill....

Ms Smith and Ms Keady - Looks fun Year 6 ... lots of special memories :)

Ibrahims - I wish I was in year 6. Have a great time

Sibel yurtsever - I miss you so much cemeren have a great time

Tamarays mum - No picture of tam today 😢😢 hope she is ok hope you guys are having a great time 😊😊

Ruhidul - You having a good time at Kench Hill?

Suraiya - Wow! We can see you are all having a great time....Enjoy it to the max.

Cemi Tasin - Look like they are having great fun 😃😃😃

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