Year 6 - Residential 2019 - Day 2


Scarlett - Scarlett looks like you had fun. Miss you loads and it was so nice of your school to take you on this very nice beautiful amazing lovely nice fantastic superb cute fabulous adorable sweet caring responsible smart educative adventurous trip

Liam - I hope you had a amazing time

Elif - You guys are so lucky I wish I could be there but the problem was I’m in year 4 so 2 more years to go ❤️😊😁😉

Molly - It was so funnnn

Delani - It was too short! But it was extremely fun

Ilayda - It was aammaaazziinngg

Tanya - I loved residential so much especially the disco

Nicole A - Everyone was dancing so much on the 2nd day so we all looked tired on the last day!

Nicole A - I was so excited to go to residential! Even though the rides were a bit scary!

nicole d - I have whiplash from whipping my hair too much at the disco

Lisa molly’s mum - Look at my little girl all grown up. I hope you had a good time with your friends.XXXX miss you.🤩🤩❤️❤️😭😭

Yasmina - I want to go back 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Jacqueline’s Mum - I hope you had so much fun Jacqueline and all of you that went residential, good luck and I am so proud of all of you!!

Scarlett - It was soo fun , I want to do it again ❤️❤️😋 love u all

Jeshaiah 😎 - I wanna stay there

Jeshaiah 😎 - It was scary and fun

khaleel - Best 3 days everr!!! Why did we have to leave? ^_^

Kereece - It was so fun i want to go back😂😂

Alex - It was amazing! I didn’t want to leave! Best trip ever !!!

Jude - It’s not a picnic it’s an adventure

wahab - The last day was fun 'Its not Jake's ladder its MINE!!'

Sonny - I miss you guys! See you on Monday!

Faith - Jude miss you and all of my friends in year 6.

Cinar - Jude and Otto I miss you! See you on Monday.

Rauf - I love your residential picnic!

Chel's mum - Loving the blue wig Chel! Looks like you are all having a great time. Wonderful memorises and experience to take with you into the future. Love, love, mwah xxx!!

Ms Glassborow - It looks like you're all having a great time. Enjoy it and make the most of your adventure!

Dyllan's Mum - Looks so fun! ... hope you're having a great time Dyl, being brave and enjoying all the activities! Love you millions 💖

Jude’s Mum and Dad - Jude we’re glad you’re having a good time. We are so proud of you x

Aysha.. Yasminas mum - Have fun and enjoy.... xx

Abby’s sister - Hope you are enjoying yourself Abby. We kiss you at home ♥️

Frankie Maali's cousin - Looks so fun wish I was there!! Hope you're having a good time gorgeous girl Maali xx

Rengin’s mum - Missing my girl I am proud of you 🙏👍❤️Wishing all of u good luck and have fun❤️

MARIAM - I wish I was there but I am not in year 6! Have fun everyone and see you Wahab when you return.

Lola - Missing my Bess so much but they all seem to be having so much fun .. go guys !!!!

Jem - Jude my boy win win win win win win win Otto I miss you and Jude I hope you have a nice day at residential

wahab mum - Great, proud of you all. All the best for the future.

Emma - Otto having so much fun!

Ibrahim's mum - Aww! Have fun and good luck to all of you xxx

Yilmaz - Good luck, so proud of you my lovely daughter Rengin❤😘

Shelly - So proud of all of you..
All so grown up, have loads of fun guys xx

Gloria - Good luck 😉
🙏🏻🙏🏻 we miss you!!

Ingrid T - Lovely to see that the weather I ordered for you guys held up! Have fun and post more photos please!

Jude - I love residential so much I wish Jem came

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