Year 6 - Residential 2019 - Day 3

Final day of our amazing trip to Kingswood - not a quiet one though! Jacobs Ladder and Problem solving before a sleep journey back.


Elif - You guys are so lucky I wish I could be there but the problem was I’m in year 4 so 2 more years to go ❤️😊😁😉

Molly - It was so funnnn

Delani - It was too short! But it was extremely fun

Ilayda - It was aammaaazziinngg

Tanya - I loved residential so much especially the disco

Nicole A - Everyone was dancing so much on the 2nd day so we all looked tired on the last day!

Nicole A - I was so excited to go to residential! Even though the rides were a bit scary!

nicole d - I have whiplash from whipping my hair too much at the disco

Lisa molly’s mum - Look at my little girl all grown up. I hope you had a good time with your friends.XXXX miss you.🤩🤩❤️❤️😭😭

Yasmina - I want to go back 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Jacqueline’s Mum - I hope you had so much fun Jacqueline and all of you that went residential, good luck and I am so proud of all of you!!

Scarlett - It was soo fun , I want to do it again ❤️❤️😋 love u all

Jeshaiah 😎 - I wanna stay there

Jeshaiah 😎 - It was scary and fun

khaleel - Best 3 days everr!!! Why did we have to leave? ^_^

Kereece - It was so fun i want to go back😂😂

Alex - It was amazing! I didn’t want to leave! Best trip ever !!!

Jude - It’s not a picnic it’s an adventure

wahab - The last day was fun 'Its not Jake's ladder its MINE!!'

Sonny - I miss you guys! See you on Monday!

Faith - Jude miss you and all of my friends in year 6.

Cinar - Jude and Otto I miss you! See you on Monday.

Rauf - I love your residential picnic!

Chel's mum - Loving the blue wig Chel! Looks like you are all having a great time. Wonderful memorises and experience to take with you into the future. Love, love, mwah xxx!!

Ms Glassborow - It looks like you're all having a great time. Enjoy it and make the most of your adventure!

Dyllan's Mum - Looks so fun! ... hope you're having a great time Dyl, being brave and enjoying all the activities! Love you millions 💖

Jude’s Mum and Dad - Jude we’re glad you’re having a good time. We are so proud of you x

Aysha.. Yasminas mum - Have fun and enjoy.... xx

Abby’s sister - Hope you are enjoying yourself Abby. We kiss you at home ♥️

Frankie Maali's cousin - Looks so fun wish I was there!! Hope you're having a good time gorgeous girl Maali xx

Rengin’s mum - Missing my girl I am proud of you 🙏👍❤️Wishing all of u good luck and have fun❤️

MARIAM - I wish I was there but I am not in year 6! Have fun everyone and see you Wahab when you return.

Lola - Missing my Bess so much but they all seem to be having so much fun .. go guys !!!!

Jem - Jude my boy win win win win win win win Otto I miss you and Jude I hope you have a nice day at residential

wahab mum - Great, proud of you all. All the best for the future.

Emma - Otto having so much fun!

Ibrahim's mum - Aww! Have fun and good luck to all of you xxx

Yilmaz - Good luck, so proud of you my lovely daughter Rengin❤😘

Shelly - So proud of all of you..
All so grown up, have loads of fun guys xx

Gloria - Good luck 😉
🙏🏻🙏🏻 we miss you!!

Ingrid T - Lovely to see that the weather I ordered for you guys held up! Have fun and post more photos please!

Jude - I love residential so much I wish Jem came

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