Year 6 - Science: Blood

Today, Zephaniah Class focused their learning on blood. They learnt about the importance of the different parts of blood and the jobs they do in the body.

We discussed in length Blood donation, what that means and why we need to have this to help one another.

To finish the lesson we made 'Blood Soup' calculating the amount of our blood parts we would need to represent: 55% Plasma and Platelets, 44% red blood cells and 1% white blood cells!


AbdulRahman - This was a very lovely opportunity for everyone in year 6! Well done Mr Scutt "BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD!"

Abdul Rahman - This was a great opportunity for year 6. Well done Mr Scott

Eva - This was so amazing and fun!!

Gloria - This was amazing opportunity zephaniah ,I hope we get other amazing times like this Mr scutt

Gloria - I loved it was amazing

Julia - Well done everyone that a great job !!!

Abdul Rahman - This is fun

Nicola - This lesson was fun and intresting, especailly when we made blood soup.

Idal - This was amazing

Shawna k/skb - It was so fun but I don't know what Mr Sckut thought that if we use Food it would make blood

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