Year 6 - World War 2

Over the last term, we have been learning about World War 2 through the books Rose Blanche and Maus. More recently we have been learning about the Holocaust and have this week been lucky enough to have Karen Van Coevorden from the Holocaust Memorial Trust and Hedi Argent, who came to England as a refuge from Nazi Germany in 1938. Hedi recounted to us her first hand experiences and what her child was like in the face of prejudice and extremely difficult laws.

This was an invaluable experience which has given us a chance to talk with someone who experienced such horrific things.


Mohamed - I kinda enjoyed it too ?

Naeemah- - I really enjoyed listening to Hedi's story. I learnt a lot about ww2

Kelsie - it was really fun listening to Hedi's story. I even got to eat lunch with her. I love it I will cherish it moments to come.

Tamara - It was really fun to hear about Hedi's story because she had a amazing story

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