ASPIRE Ambassadors

Every year pupils are given the opportunity to apply to be an Aspire Ambassador. In the application they reflect on why they would be a good choice for this role and they explain why Aspire is important to them! They are involved in pupil voice meetings, assemblies, trips and much more! They are the Aspire representative for their class and strive to be Aspire role models.

“I would make a good Aspire Ambassador because I listen to my classmates and respect their views and ideas.”

“I use the Aspire characters to help me make good choices during my school day.”

“I am similar to Inclusive Izeyah because I include people in my games and I think of other people’s feelings”

“I am like Achieving Aisha because I try to achieve my goals and success criteria.”

“I would be a good Ambassador because I am trustworthy and sensible. I want school to be safe and calm.”

“I would make a good Aspire Ambassador because I want to make the school a better place to be for everyone!”

“I am like Respectful Rodrick because I speak to teachers and other children respectfully.”

“I take pride in my learning, my uniform and my presentation. I am proud to go to this school.”