Absence and Attendance

Our aim is to work in partnership with children, teachers, parents and other agencies to raise achievement. The key part of our role is to improve the children’s levels of achievement through continued regular attendance and excellent punctuality.

We actively encourage dialogue between ourselves and all parents who may have any concerns about any issue mentioned in this document. We aim to do all in my power to assist anyone who has any attendance and punctuality issues.

Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to book an appointment with Claire Keady.


Attending school regularly and on time is of paramount importance for your child/children. Continuous lateness means missing vital school time. You are responsible for your child’s/children’s punctuality.

School starts at 9.00am. The school gates are opened at 8:45am. It is excellent practice for your child to arrive in the playground between 8.45am and 8:55am.

The school day finishes at 3.30pm so parents should arrive by 3:25pm.

Infant’s/KS1 lunch starts from 12.00pm and ends at 1:00pm. This is when KS1 registration takes place for the afternoon session.

Junior’s/KS2 lunch starts at 12.30pm and ends at 1:30pm. This is when KS2 registration for the afternoon session takes place.

As a school we expect that all children to arrive and be collected on time.

Every child’s punctuality is very closely monitored. Repeated/consistent lateness after the register has closed will be marked as unauthorised absence. If your child/children exceed 10 unauthorised absences a referral will be made to Denise Howard (Hackney Learning Trust Attendance Adviser). Once referred, cases become a legal matter and could lead to a fine of £60.00.  If lateness still persists the fine could increase to £120.00. In severe cases the matter can be referred to the magistrates court under section 444 (1) of the 1996 Education Act which can lead to a heavy fine and a criminal record.  

In addition to this lots of secondary schools are looking more deeply into pupils’ records, including their punctuality and attendance.

As mentioned should you want to discuss any matters around punctuality I am only too happy to meet with you.

Holidays in Term Time

In line with the borough of Hackney this school has a zero tolerance stance on holidays during term time.  

School term dates are set in accordance with TLT policy; if you are unsure of school term dates please check the calendar or ask at the office.  While we appreciate that air fares may be more expensive during school holidays, invariably holiday requests will be turned down unless there is extreme necessity for time off or travel. In these cases an Emergency Term Time Absence Form would need to be completed and handed in along with supporting evidence. The final decision to authorise any emergency time off rests with the Headteacher.

If you decide to take your child/children on holiday, during term time after permission is refused, it will be marked on the register as unauthorised holiday.  There is a possibility that a referral may be made to Denise Howard (Hackney Learning Trust Attendance Adviser); once referred, cases become a legal matter and could ultimately lead to a fine of £60.00 - £120.00 or, in more extreme cases, court action.

Please do not take your child’s education for granted. You must plan your holidays within the allotted time periods.

Before you decide to go, think carefully!

Taking your child out of school during term-time without authorisation is illegal and you could face a fine of up to £2,500 per child.

Children who miss school may fall behind with their school work and some of these children never catch up.


Should your child be absent from school all parents/carers are expected to contact the school via phone or text. Please be aware that every day of absence is monitored and you will receive a text from the school and may receive a call from me. If your child is absent for two days or more there is an increased chance that I will be calling you to gather relevant information and check on their well-being. If at any time your child/children cannot attend school for any reason you must contact the school as soon as possible. We encourage you to book medical appointments out of school time but we are fully aware that this is not possible a lot of the times. If you have to book an appointment during school times try to book it so your child can come in for morning registration and return before afternoon registration. The school should be informed of appointments in advance. It is very good practice to provide medical evidence for any absence due to illness.


Standard letters regarding attendance and punctuality issues are sent out on a regular basis.

It is good practice to send out an initial standard letter as a baseline for targeting any absences which cause concern, i.e. drop below a certain threshold. This ensures that no cases ‘slip through the net’ and all parents are kept duly informed of their child’s/children’s attendance percentage. In terms of safeguarding, attainment, and attendance the DfE Guidelines advise that it is good practice to challenge or seek additional information when there are high levels of absences in order to provide appropriate support to pupils, particularly for long term illness.