Playground Upgrade Project

June - 2023

Our Forest School is up and running!

We are currently running a pilot scheme where children in nursery and reception will have a weekly session with EcoActive in our Nature zone. 

In addition, a pilot scheme for a Forest School After School Club for children in KS2 has launched. We look to launch this for both KS1 and KS2 in January 2024 with EcoActive!

April - 2023

Our children are using all the new playground equipment!


Quotes from the pupil body:

'My favourite bit is the trim trail - Im getting faster and faster' Year 4 pupil

'Im becoming a table tennis champion. I beat 2 year 6 pupils in a competition!' Year 3 pupil

'I like the hut, me and my friends and sit and talk.' Year 6 pupil

Phase 3

Our Outdoor Classroom is being built this week!

Come rain or shine - our new outdoor classroom will provide an ideal venue for our children to break away from the classroom and take learning outdoors.

At playtime it will provide a quiet space for our children to read and draw.

The gazebo supports our sustainability initiative as it is crafted from sustainably-sourced, beautiful natural redwood timber.

6th March 2023

Climbing frame - coming soon!

The number 1 priority from pupil voice was a climbing frame - this week it is being installed!

The climbing frame will be an excellent resource for our children to build their climbing confidence.

Key skills will be gained whilst taking on the climbing challenge as children will begin to understand turn-taking and sharing as they wait their turn to climb up the net or climbing wall. As well as developing their upper and lower body strength, coordination, balance, core stability, fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

1st March 2023

Woodland Trim Trail

Our Woodland Trim Trail is taking shape!

This week the Pentagon team is installing the woodland trim trail.

The trail will encourage our children to use their balance and coordination skills whilst they navigate the 7 piece active play adventure!

27th February 2023

Table Tennis Tables - Phase 1c Complete!

The table tennis tables were a suggestion from the pupil voice playground survey that have now been delivered and set up to be a perfect addition to our playground!

We look forward to supporting the children in participating and learning to play the exciting game of table tennis.

Key skills gained will be hand-eye coordination, physical agility, fine motor skills, alertness and concentration.

February 2023

Perch Benches - Phase 1b Complete!

Our new seating areas are complete!

Following our children's feedback on the design, 9 benches were added to the playground design to create spaces where they could foster their relationships and improve their social skills.

February 2023

MUGA - Phase 1a Complete!

Our Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is complete!

The previous tarmac surface has now been replaced with a high quality playing surface for our children to use in PE lessons, playtimes and enrichment clubs. The technical detail of which exceeds FIFA tuft withdrawal standards.

The area is now the perfect space for fundamental movement skills to be developed and encourage children to participate in a variety of sports!

Bruno, our sports coach is now using the space to introduce handball and basketball into the playtime sports rota.

February 2023

We're ready to start!

The works on our playground are due to start on the 25th of January!

The first area to be renovated is the Multi Use Games Area. In the MUGA the specialist sports surface is being completed, it will be back in use on the 3rd of February 2023.

To ensure the playground is kept safe, the following Health & Safety measures are in place throughout the playground works:

  • The company selected to carry out the project has many years of experience in completing playground projects, such as our EYFS playground.
  • All contractors have undergone a DBS check.
  • All contractors have been briefed on safeguarding policies and procedures.
January 2023

Final Playground Plans

We have updated our playground plans to incorporate pupil, parent and staff feedback. Take a look at the designs:

December 2022

Before photos

This is what our playground looked like in November 2022.

November 2022

Pupil Feedback

The Rights Respecting pupil group carried out a survey in their classes to gain feedback on the initial playground designs.

Here are the main points provided from the survey:

We like...

"Climbing frame"
"Lots of places to sit and chill"
"lots of space to run and play"
"MUGA surface is better for sport at play time and PE"


"Table tennis tables as an extra activity"

"A running track"

"Markings on the main playground such as kind ball"

October 2022

Parent & Carer Feedback

The PTA hosted a coffee morning where parents and carers reviewed the playground designs and had a tour of the area with Ms Keady and Ms Caton.

September 2022