Shoreditch Park teaches maths using the Singapore maths approach. This approach supports progression throughout the primary years and has a strong concrete, pictoral, abstract (CPA) thread running throughout. This means that children are exposed to conceptual ideas at a concrete level with a range of apparatus (e.g. counters, beads, dienes and numicon) before moving on to pictoral representations. This may mean using diagrams, sketches or using the Singapore bar model to solve problems. Approaching maths in this manner develops children’s deep conceptual understanding and skills proficiency which supports the next move into abstract mathematics, such as long division.

At Shoreditch Park, we believe children should take an active role in their learning. Maths lessons are therefore designed to be interactive with a high level of pupil talk, allowing them to develop their mathematical understanding with their peers in real life context. To further develop this skill, each year group take part in weekly reasoning lessons when their skills are used to develop understanding and problem solving, whilst learning to enjoy natural mathematical problems in the world around us.

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Children are set homework every week. Homework will be based on pupils’ prior learning to allow them to embed their mathematical knowledge and apply their skills in a variety of contexts.

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